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We all have that itch to get back out to live music festivals and tours, and our savior, ‘Loop Daddy’ Marc Rebillet, is scratching that itch for us.

For those who don’t know Marc Rebillet you are missing out on the greatest improviser in music history, I mean who comes up with a song about letting someone into your room to try to f*ck. Marc Does.

The Drive-In Tour

Even during a damn p*ndemic, ‘Loop Daddy’ Marc Rebillet knows how to curate an electrifying tour. We know this tour is going to be a movie…. because the shows are going to be taking place at drive-in movie theaters. HOTBOX will be presenting this socially distanced tour in several cities across the U.S.A. including Baltimore, Kansas City, Houston, and more. Instead of musical acts opening the show, Marc is having short films open up the show, because movies. 

The Process

Marc has been working with his team to make this tour safe, responsible, and socially distanced. And this tour will be a whole new realm of exploring live music. While Marc’s shows are usually high energy, sweaty, sex dungeon type of shows, that is all changing. Replace stage speakers with car radios and those big crowds with lines of cars and there you have the 2020 concert experience. Well we really hope that does not be the case for the rest of 2020 and beyond. 

Know before you go: Loop Daddy

Marc Rebillet is a simple man. Making Loops with several electronic instruments, singing about several topics ranging from uplifting feel-good tunes to ass throwing bangers. Marc is always about radiating good energy and you can watch him radiate that energy in his live sermons every Sunday. So if you’re about the vibes, you have a car and need to listen to live music ASAP, go to Marc’s drive-in tour. This tour will be a very historic event that probably will never ever happen again. And don’t forget to keep pooping on it.

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