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Lane 8 just announced his fourth album, Reviver. We are still riding the high of Brightest Lights, and now we have a 14-track masterpiece to look forward to. The album is set to release in January of 2022 on Lane 8’s own label, This Never Happened.

Coming off of a massive two-night run at Red Rocks, the albums title track “Reviver” drops this Thursday.

In the message that comes with the release announcement, Daniel Goldstein AKA Lane 8 states that Reviver is the most dancefloor-focused album he’s made. After the sheer beauty and vulnerability of Brightest Lights, we can’t wait to hear what the progressive house icon has up his sleeve.

If you were present at Red Rocks, you got a glimpse of what’s to come from Lane 8’s Reviver. But don’t go searching for videos, as the shows were “This Never Happened” events, meaning phone use was prohibited.

A new project announcement from Lane 8 has made the coming winter a little more bearable. Presave here:

Can’t wait until January 21st? Lucky for you, Lane 8 releases seasonal mixtapes full of incredible music – new and old – for you to discover. Listen here:

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