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Backline is consistently raising the bar for mental health awareness. Already partnering with companies like Breathwrk, Meditation Studio by Muse, and more, Backline strives to offer resources to those in the music industry. This time around, with something they can’t go wrong with, they’ve teamed up with Passion House Coffee for their next venture: Backline Blend.

Introducing Backline Blend..

Music, like coffee, keeps us moving. It takes care of us when our moods are low, and can help make our spirits high. But who’s taking care of the people that bring the magic to life?

Backline Care Instagram

With every bag of coffee grinds purchased, the proceeds go towards providing mental health and wellness resources to industry professionals through Backline. Plus, it’s a high quality blend from the Cundinamarca region of Peru with only the finest notes of milk chocolate, honey, and almond. Coffee for a cause? Say less.

Get yours today here!

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In addition, March is Women’s History Month. This is an opportunity to celebrate successes and also acknowledge struggles women face across the world. If you’re looking to support organizations that educate on women’s health, gender/workplace equity, and more, then look here.

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