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Gamemaster Ravenscoon has arrived with FUN & GAMES EP, releasing on WAKAAN, just in time for the holidays! This EP is sure to be on everyone’s wishlist.

The west-coast native decided to have a different approach; instead of being all serious, he has let loose and had more fun in the production of FUN & GAMES. Drawing inspiration from other artists like Peekaboo, QUIX, Jayceeoh, and Krane among others; Ravenscoon showcases his versatility in his production/sound design.

Ravenscoon // Photo provided by Wakaan


“G4ME OV3R” starts with the vintage 8-bit retro sound effect. The nostalgic synth is then manipulated with crispy basslines and deep drums that increase in tempo to bring the listener to a climactic experience before being dropped down into the “boss fight” of the song. We are thrown side to side by a profound, trap, elemental synth that further evolves as the song progresses. It seems like you may have lost your last life…

Would you like to continue?

Congratulations! You’ve unlocked a secret level called “OV3RK1LL.” Difficulty: VERY HARD.

The second track of the EP is surely that secret level you tried many times to get to. Beginning with warped vocals, you hear an echoing “overkill” being muttered repeatedly, joined by hard drum kicks that increase in intensity. The intro is almost like a countdown for a match that’s about to begin. It then becomes pandemonium before being chopped up into distinct sounding basslines, both hard and heavy and groovy enough to shake your hips too.

Of course, like any secret level, there’s a twist. The second drop is a completely different apex but still carries the same high-energy rhythm that translates ever so lovingly to the listener. Gamemaster Ravenscoon has done it again!

RAVENSCOON // Photo by KLeighPhotos

FUN & GAMES EP is everything you think it is + more

Ravenscoon, otherwise known as Paul, knocked this one out of the park. I’m talking clean headshot from across the map good. I can hear and feel the fun he had making this EP. Not one note was wasted. I had a lot of fun listening to it. For sure to be added to anyone’s daily rotation. Simply put, this EP is FANTASTIC!

Listen to the FUN & GAMES EP by Ravenscoon below

Ravenscoon – Fun & Games

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