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If you’ve been following Electric Hawk for a while you already know we’re big fans of KIBA. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that when we got our hands on “Take Everything Away,” his newest collab with GHØST GIRL, we were blown away.

“Take Everything Away” is a cinematic experience that tugs at your heartstrings with melancholy lyrics and breathtaking pad sweeps. This one isn’t for the faint of heart, but that makes it all the more rewarding.

Natural States

“Take Everything Away” comes as part of the first compilation album, Natural States, released through Seattle based label Human Error//. The project is open-genre. Making for an exciting mix of underground acts across the bass and wave scenes.

KIBA Drops Etheral Collab "Take Everything Away" With GHØST GIRL
Artwork by Human Error Collective

I thought it was awesome to see a bunch of great artists from all over the world come together and collaborate to make a diverse and unique piece of work

– KIBA, on Natural States and Human Error//

And damn this project is CHALK-FULL of talent. Some highlights for us included tracks like “New Rival” by Resonata. And “Don’t Leave” by Ivoryghost had us feeling like we were frolicking around in Kingdom Hearts; with it’s beautiful piano and paced drum hits. And idk who even frolics to begin with, but we were deep in our feels.

The best part too, is that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much to explore in this project. And it more than deserves a full listen of its hour-plus run time.

KIBA and GHØST GIRL Take Aim At Human Experience

Don’t take my mind far away
From my life, again
Don’t think you’re going to
Hold me down, again…

– “Take Everything Away” by KIBA and GHØST GIRL

About halfway through the track, some introspective words from GHØST GIRL echo out against building synth stabs. That intensity continues to build throughout with powerful strings, distraught reverb’d melodies, and drum’s that hit with noticeable depth.

These themes of conflict and self-reflection gush throughout “Take Everything Away” and it’s truly moving stuff. They are also an all-too-relatable part of the human experience, which is probably why this track hits with such depth.

While making music with Kiba, I realized that music doesn’t always have to be about what is happening in the moment, but can reflect our hopes for the future much like a wish.

– GHØST GIRL, on her songwriting process

Add to that, the state of the world, and you have a song that will have you asking “Where do we go from here?”

And that question is important now more than ever.

Listen to “Take Everything Away” now

With this newest single, KIBA has put on full display his musical talents. And GHØST GIRL has given us all some lyrical food for thought. Hat tips all around.

So go listen to KIBA and GHØST GIRL’s newest track, along with the full compilation album from Human Error// below:

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