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Kayzo and Lil Texas team up for an absurd collaboration of sounds in ‘Rules of the Game’. From 200 BPM hardcore to drum and bass, this song has some crazy style and will make you want to aggressively dance the night away. 

The song starts off fast-paced with hardcore drums transitioning into an epic synth with a catchy rhythm. The synth then transitions back into buildup drums and into the first drop of 200 BPM straight hardcore to your noggin. The next minute of the song would go through a drastic change as the song slows down quite a bit. Guitar riffs are heard throughout the bridge into the buildup. The second drop is an absolute drum and bass beauty that will make you dance and bang your head till night’s end.

Kayzo is not one to shy away from showcasing his talents, but most importantly, showcasing the talents of those he works with. Like Lil Texas, several artists got a chance to present quality content on Kayzo’s label, Welcome Recs. And these artists come from various genres of music. Artists such as house specialist ALRT, dubstep up-and-comers Pixel Terror, production lord Graves, and many many more!

Lil Texas is currently strapped on a rocket to the moon. Well not literally. In the past year, the LA-based artist has performed on the biggest of stages, highlighting hardcore music and the rediculous 200 BPM tunes we all love. Tex has a couple of unreleased gems with the likes of Junkie Kid, Gravedgr, and Wuki.

You can listen to ‘Rules of the game’ here:

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