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Coming together to create the French dream team, the quartet of CloZee, Fakear, Pouvoir Magique, and Einki have one last release of the year with new single, “Kanzan.” While Fakear and Pouvoir Magique have a history of working together in their 2019 collaboration “Kobra,” this is a first and a significant milestone for the four French natives.

Kanzan, the name of the Japanese tree famously known for its cherry blossoms, seeps into multiple aspects of the song.

Through the landscape of the cover art to the oriental influences and instrumentation woven into the track itself, each of the artists’ sounds blend into a cultural melting pot. Ultimately churning out a powerful show of smooth bass, woodwinds and percussion, and wafting vocals, the electronic release fits nicely into the end of the calendar year.

A big year for everyone included, this ensues several releases. Including CloZee’s Neon Jungle, Fakear’s Everything Will Grow Again, Pouvoir Magique’s Forever (With You), as well as Einki’s debut single. “Kanzan” has also found a home on CloZee’s imprint label, OdyZey Music.

Listen to “Kanzan” by CloZee, Fakear, Pouvoir Magique, and Einki at this time below:

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