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American bass music producer and revered saxophone player, SoDown, just released a new full-length compilation record – Alive. The Denver-local producer worked with some of the underground’s favorites for 10 versatile tracks, blending live instrumentation with a bass-fueled flair. Including familiar unreleased gems like “Pull The Trigger” with Bass Physics, and “Right On Time” featuring Megan Hamilton, SoDown has transpired an innovative assembly of his signature style on Alive.

Kill Paris and SoDown get the party started with “Our Time”

The inaugural track on Alive, “Our Time” reminds us to keep the ones we love by our side and to absolutely buss’ it down. The chorus for the song inspires us to live in the moment and that this is in fact, “Our Time.” The song bids us farewell with a smooth jazz Saxophone solo and leads us into the audio-sphere that is Alive.

“Turn the Lights Out” and carry me home, cause this one is a honker.

SoDown channels some of Electric Hawk’s favorite wobble brothers, Ganja White Night, in this riveting, dark room, cigarette smoking and energetic chune. The bass is pulled out beneath our feet at approximately 2:45, similar to a magician pulling the tablecloth out from beneath a set table. Operatic effects with wobbly bass are one of the seven wonders of EDM and SoDown has clearly mastered this combination.

SoDown and SOUNDR slow it down in “Moment”

Coming off a hot release with Mitis on his latest album Lost, SOUNDR makes us “Homesick” with the vocal chops in “Moment.” Not to be confused with Mitis’ song “Moments,” “Moment” is a song for the car with the windows down and fresh air cycling through our lungs. Of course, it would not be a SoDown collaboration without a dramatic Saxophone outro.

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SoDown and Saxophone

“Alive” makes us get lost in the moment

Coming alive in the nighttime sounds great and all, but I am constantly tired. Oh, SoDown is playing? I guess I can stay awake this one time. SoDown showcases his musical range in this track with a catchy as hell R&B hook and a Saxophone riff to accompany it. The part of the song where my body begins to boogie is when the candy-coated future bass drop enters my ears. The second half features the SoDown production we all know and love. The snares kick in the door and remind us that trap could never die.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Deadpool in Twentieth Century Fox’s DEADPOOL 2. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.

Megan Hamilton and SoDown try their best to let it go on “Right On Time”

With just 2 seconds shy of 4 minutes, Megan Hamilton and SoDown draft a masterpiece. Infamous for being a part of several funk anthems over the years, Hamilton reminds us just why her voice is demanded on tracks. If this is true, we will never really know. Here is what we do know though, this song SLAPS. Maybe one day we can all be as “Right On Time” as this bouncy and blossoming piece of music.

Manic Focus, Bailey Flores and SoDown talk us off the ledge in “Cliffs”

A cascading bass drop, a seraphic vocal performance, and masterful mixing of it all forge a timeless melody that will be heard at every Earthy festival this season. Flores sings “Someone save me,” and the irony could not be more apparent. The two friends turned producers introduce feathery synths and percussion-type beats early in the song. By the end, the audible momentum is practically tangible. Hanging off the edge is exactly what “Cliffs” has us doing when the song ceases.

SoDown and Will Robinson channel Da Vinci and Tom Hanks with “Angels & Demons”

When Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon discovers the resurgence of an ancient brotherhood known as the Illuminati… wait wrong Angels & Demons. Honestly, I do not think we should let them get away with the word “symbologist.” Robinson brings his own brand of rap and definitive lyrics to SoDown’s world of wonky bass and tumbling synths. If the second drop of this song does not make you start burning sage in the crowd and fall over, I am afraid I cannot help you.

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Colorado-locals Bass Physics, and SoDown, aim to relieve the “Tension” in our lives

It’s getting dark, do you feel the tension? Do you feel the reverb? We sure do, and it feels great on our backs. The bass in “Tension” massages our craniums and the kicks provide us with ample reason to flail our arms around. The mid-song sax solo tells us to text her just as the deep-voiced singer makes sure we do not. It’s getting dark again, is it the tension or is it Daylight Savings? The world may never know. What we know here at Electric Hawk HQ is that SoDown and Bass Physics are scientifically prevented from making a bad song together.

Bass Physics @ High Ground Festival – Denver, Co PC: Tony Moore @tonyatfilth

One thing – we all need money. Okay fine, two things. We all need money, and we all love “Cake”

SoDown channels Rihanna and Ivy Lab in one fell swoop. “Cake” utilizes an old-school analog style for the vocals but an upbeat signature. A production paragon, SoDown exhibits his full talents with an erupting and explosive drop guaranteed to make listeners want to break things around the house. If this song is the Lethal Weapon, then somebody should call Mel Gibson because “I’m not a cop tonight, Roger, it’s personal.”

Bass Physics and SoDown reconvene for “Pull The Trigger”

“I supposed you all know how to use of these things, but in case you don’t” please just pull the trigger on this compilation. Not only are there groovy beats to serenade to your lady, but there is space bending bass as well. Catchy choruses, explosive drops, and that original SoDown flavor we all love. Bass Physics and SoDown combine their love of instrumentation again to bring us a love letter to dirty, grimey, funky music.

I truly cannot let go but I know it’s our time.

Listening to this compilation has been a joy. The piece sounds like it was made with love and those are my favorite types of music. SoDown has managed to create yet another energetic atmosphere within his music and we cannot wait to hear it rinsed this Fall festival season. Starting October 7th, the Colorado bass producer will be embarking on a 20+ city tour to showcase his recent masterpiece, Alive. Get your tickets here!

Listen to Alive by SoDown and friends, in its entirety, below

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