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Tuesday’s aren’t so unpleasant after all when Obskurities Vol. 2 rains down upon us. A compilation curated by ill.Gates crash-landed on Obskure Record Label today. The rollout of this compilation is an all-day extravaganza. Fortunately for you, Electric Hawk prompts an exclusive sneak peek to the second track on this special project. May it be presented, “Alien Exhibition” from the celestial martian, Tripzy Leary.

Somewhere between a WAKAAN fan favorite and a guru alien bass producer.

Tripzy Leary isn’t exactly human. In fact, his DNA has spread across galaxies making psychedelic synthesizing bass frequencies. And in this dimension alone he’s managed to drop an arrangement of singles and EPs. But, it’s the four albums in the matter of a two-year time span that truly does it for me. His discography lies rich with experimental, left-field bass, and dubstep. Honestly, you name it – Tripzy Leary’s got it. His power to take listeners for a ride down the astral plane have landed him top-notch spots on LoFreq Records, WAKAAN, and everyone’s ultimate dream, Shambhala Music Festival.

Ascend to cyberspace with Tripzy Leary and the Electric Hawk Exclusive Premiere of “Alien Exhibition” here!

And before you go, take a look at the rest of the gnarly lineup off Obskurities Vol. 2:

1. ill.Gates – Let’s Go (feat. Galactic Groove) [Headbang Society Premiere]
2. Tripzy Leary – Alien Exhibition [Electric Hawk Premiere]
3. beardthug – I Just [Bassrush Premiere]
4. DWELM – Blue Eyes (feat. FluteDiGGa)
5. ALBY, Hello Ego – Away We Go (feat. JASSY)
6. Evaluation – Blow The Speakers Up
7. SEDA – Floating In Space
8. DELTAnine, Prismatic – Control
9. Kuhlin – Retro Blast
10. MRPH – Fu Manchu
11. Spiderhound – Pheeling Lost

Space Travel With Tripzy Leary
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