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Once again, the buzzing electronic duo MEMBA delivers a single that tops the last. Out via ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective, “Overrated” is a testimony to MEMBA’s ever-changing sound. So, drop whatever you are doing and give this heater a listen.

MEMBA Overrated
Mike Galea

MEMBA is nowhere close to “Overrated.”

Based in New York, Will Curry and Ishaan Chaudhary of MEMBA are known for delivering tracks that surpass your expectations. Their vibes range from trap to vibey to futuristic, which can be heard throughout their past work. “Walls Down” feat. EVAN GIIA, “Chasing Light” feat. Mothica, and the SAGA-II album show off these styles, respectively. In “Overrated,” with Levus Alone, MEMBA wisps listeners away into a passionate, dynamic, and entirely unique soundscape.

This song is a rare blend of sounds, it’s got equal parts r&b, grime, trap and mirchi. It’s a combo we haven’t heard before and we love how the two stark flavors mix up so nicely. We wrote it pre pandemic. Levus Alone had flown in from London to kick it with us in Brooklyn. He wanted to see Times Square and that but we never made it out the studio.

Will and Ishaan of MEMBA

As the MEMBA boys said themselves, the mixture of feelsy r&b with harder hitting trap production on “Overrated” turned out impeccable. The melodies and vocal chops from Levus Alone add a finishing touch of dreamy-ness and power to the track. With that being said, check out the official lyric video!

Be sure to give MEMBA’s “Overrated” a listen below and let us know what you think!

We truly see no sign of Will and Ishaan slowing down—which also has us wondering if a bigger project is on the horizon. Regardless, we are always impressed with what MEMBA brings to the table.

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