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Our spooky bass queen, Lucii, is back with her latest EP, Wicked. Earlier this month we got a glimpse of the EP with the release of “Till The Day I Die“. All 4 tracks of the EP show the diversity and range of Lucii’s production and vocal skills. We’ve grown to become rather familiar with the WAKAAN, witchy women, so let’s dive into the EP!

Lucii is a genius when it comes to experimenting with sounds and switching up genres.

While we know her as the bass queen, she’s also known for her soft, and sometimes eerie, vocals leading into absolute filthy drops. Bringing us a multi-genre EP, we’re blown away with the range she brings to the table!

Kicking the album off with “Spell“, we instantly know we’re about to get spooky.

Lucii is here, yet again, to cast her spell on us, to make us fall even deeper in love with her music. Starting the song with her vocals that seamlessly fit with the spooky vibes; we’re then met with neck-breaking drops. “Spell” leads us into “Till The Day I Die”, which we have previously covered and can check out a deep dive here!

Leading into the second half of the EP, “Wonky” is nothing less of what the name says. Switching up the tempo, we’re met with a more upbeat track that leads into an iconic vocal clip saying, “Let’s get wonky, bitch!“. You already know I’m fully here for Lucii making a wonky riddim track.

Switching the “Vibe” one more time to wrap up the EP, we’re met with soft vocals that we can’t wait to sing along to. Bringing us more melodic elements through this track, this is perfect to just absolutely vibe out to.

What a year 2020 has been for Lucii, despite the circumstances! Tweet us and tell us your favorite track off the EP!

Listen to Lucii’s Wicked EP here!

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