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After a much-awaited return from the ominous producer, isqa finally awakens from his departure away with their newest EP, i 4ove you, released through HypnoVizion on December 8th. The first installment from REZZ’s new label aside from her own, isqa delivers a reality-shattering experience. isqa tests our senses and challenges the audience to endure and shift how we see our own reality.

isqa - i 4ove you artwork

“REZZ and I became friends in 2014 when she shot me a message on SoundCloud – which is a trip to go back and read considering how far she’s gone (she was 10 months into producing when we started talking). At the time I was transitioning into mainly making music as No Mana, but I owe it to her for supporting my weird side in her sets and inspiring me to restart the project again. While my inspiration for No Mana is memories with people, isqa is more about why I exist to put it broadly.”


Step inside the realm that isqa is ready to share with the world!


Following a long hiatus, isqa eases us in as he sets this metallic environment to wander around. Through the flickering and illusory atmosphere, “flusterfuck” brings exactly what the song is called. Otherwise showcasing that despite the departure, isqa opens the portal of allowing us to escape the current reality we are present in. isqa escalates past the grinding bass and mind-numbing sound design, and we are forcefully pushed out from existence. Now getting to experience the static in a new view and feel the unpredictable soundscape of heavy bass and shredded hooks through isqa’s perspective.

“i should’ve been dead”

isqa press photo

This time, we break away from the different realms of what life and death truly are. isqa asking us to “separate from our physical selves” and review our outer world through a different lens. While elevating all our kinetic energy away from our bodies, this time seeing from above. Until we see the utter blast and shutters of disturbances that surround us. isqa transforms the reality in our backgrounds through his fluttering and chromatic-eerie synths to simulate the distortion in our eyes. And as we feel the glitches and turbulence floating through our astral projections, isqa nods at the beauty that comes with it all. The complexity that our spirits live through different realities, and sometimes we need to experience from a different perspective.

“mycelium faceplant”

Immediately, we feel the glistening shimmers from the soundscapes that isqa introduces us to. Slowly then guiding us through this posterized realm of stuttering. Following along by our side are the iridescence vocals from fknsyd as we feel the sonic waves course through our bodies. isqa depicts a careful luminous through his intense ambiance and oscillating percussions. Naturally, the track allows us to cross through the sorrow and intensity in a euphoric state of mind. The duo unleashes a surreal atmosphere that gives the audience a chance to roll through the sheen of light. “mycelium faceplant” depicts a tragic but heartwarming experience that comes with our reality and shifts our mindset of grasping the phenomenon of how human we are on this Earth.


Finally, after traveling through the different realities of our life, we stumble into a heatwave of eternal oblivion. This time, as we navigate through the vibrating and eerie tones to linger into a different existence. And before we reach our destination, through the synthetic voices that fill our heads, isqa lets loose for the finale. Through the massive sonic booms and bone-crunching synths that disorient our bodies, we are hypnotized through isqa’s production. “souls” allows us to surrender our minds to fully unleash the toxicity that lives inside and let it out into a different realm.

isqa is here to stay and shift our perspectives!

Nevertheless, the audience has been craving for the return of isqa. Despite the long departure from the project, he doesn’t skip a beat with his latest EP. As he garners elements from his beloved soundscapes years ago and elevates them to today, i 4ove you is something to cherish. This becomes an EP to change realities and see things through a different eye. After all, we may want to do something in that realm as we reach the new year. And whatever that may be, isqa has the perfect soundtrack to guide us through this little adventure and enhance our lives for the future.

Fall deep into the void of isqa and triumph return with i 4ove you below!

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