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It’s time to step up your gym playlist.

I’ll admit it – I’ve been on a muscle mommy kick as of late. Music and the gym go together like bread and wine, but does our song choice affect the “swoleness” of our pump? Yes, yes, it does. With hardcore dub, neuro-riddim, and a splash of my guilty pleasure, future riddim, this playlist’s common theme is high energy and insane sound design. Let’s highlight a couple of favorites.

Getting Your Playlist Right

Muerte – “Soul Dealer”

Honestly, I can compile the entire Muerte discography into a gym playlist. “Soul Dealer” is the first Muerte song I lifted to and then consistently lifted to on repeat for a week straight. Lurking in the same ilk of archaic horror dub that we hear in Svdden Death tracks, “Soul Dealer” is hypothetically comparable to fighting a demonic gladiator in the seventh pit of hell. In other words, prime fuel for gains.

cover art for Soul Dealer by Muerte on the gym playlist

beastboi. – “Made 4 Me”

As an up-and-coming pioneer of the neuro-riddim genre, beastboi continues to unleash innovation in “Made 4 Me.” A blend of experimental, melodic bass with emo-trap elements, “Made 4 Me” is the main-character theme to cue when warming up on the treadmill. Who am I kidding – I don’t do cardio. Either way, it’s the perfect track to set a solid vibe for your workout.

cover art for Made 4 Me by beastboi.

Marauda – “The Reckoning”

Marauda’s “The Reckoning” has only been out for four days, and my local gym attendance has increased by double. This is THE track to throw on when you question whether you really need to hit your last set. If the second drop doesn’t inspire you to stack some more plates for your bench, nothing will.

cover art for The Reckoning by Marauda

W IN K – “Datastream”

Though a relatively new track to my motivation repertoire, “Datastream” from W IN K is here to stay for back day. Using every eight-count for a quick pull and slow release, not only does it make me go absolutely feral, but it’s a great pace keeper for my lat pull-downs.

cover art for Datastream by W IN K

Now Ditch the Pre

Listening to bass music is akin to chugging pre-workout throughout your lift; every final rep met with struggle and near defeat is revitalized with each powerful bass shot. One minute, head-banging at the squat rack, the next, hitting a new personal record on your hip thrust. It works. But, hey, don’t take my word for it. Throw on this curated playlist at your next gym sesh and experience the magic for yourself—no need to thank me when the gains get outrageous.

Test this gym playlist out and get shredded – listen below!

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