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Denver-based producer DMVU illustrates a truly unique body of work with his third album Little Castles, Swim to Me. The 12-track installment showcases a brilliant level of sound design and mastering, providing an ethereal atmosphere, teeming with emotion and energy.

Little Castles, Swim to me is the crowning piece, from a trilogy of albums in as many years. DMVU uses lucid imagery to build a melancholy environment. This is found immediately in the introduction “The Things I’ve Left Unsaid.” Building upon delicate harmonies and tones, its successor “Chrysanthemums” soothes the ears and fills the soul with a sense of comfort. Then, we see the broadening of horizons with the album’s lead single.

“The Ghost In My Window”

In an instant, DMVU flips the joyous foundation built early on. The room becomes a harrowing soundscape, delivering ghastly layers of sound behind rhythmic drums that provide a change in tempo. The clock fades on this tune, and a familiar wave of delight envelops.

Then, we enter the body of the album, and encounter a more experimental atmosphere with tracks like “Fold Ur Heart“, “Digging“, “Say Something (hello)“, and “Run (seasons)“. A wonderful mix of harp, piano rhythm, vocal chops, and stabbing synths help carry the heavy weight of emotion that exists within each individual track.

DMVU – Photographed by Frankie Lee

Well-known in the bass music scene, DMVU has worked with some incredible talent, appearing on labels such as Wakaan, Deep Dark and Dangerous, and Circus Records.

He has had time to master his craft, but what stands out most about the album is his evolution as an instrumentalist. The amount of detail within the drums stands out in every track. It is especially showcased in the songs “Haikus About Nothing” and “No Love.” Piano keys and ominous horns lie frequently, most notably in “The Hands That Broke, Embrace.” Putting an overhead mic on top of the piano that he grew up on, DMVU takes us back to a simpler time. Though the same eerie elements still lie within the composition of this piece as they do in the single “The Ghost In My Window.”

As the album concludes, one could best describe it as a vivid journey. One into the mind of a bright and talented artist, who clearly put an abundance of emotion into this work. Experience Little Castles, Swim To Me for yourself on December 2nd, 2022 on DOMEOFDOOM records.

Support DMVU with pre-orders for the exclusive vinyl and merch campaign. This is on Bandcamp currently and will run for 30 days only.

Catch DMVU in Atlanta on February 17th, 2023 with Yheti, Toadface, and ARYA at Terminal West.

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