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Succeeding a dynamic series of single releases, color bass pioneer Ace Aura continues to propel the nascent genre into the spotlight with Crystal Coalition. Out now on Circus Records, this jam-packed project unites both color bass veterans and future riddim trailblazers to showcase the best these genres have to offer.

Ace Aura’s discography far exceeds his years. At only 24, he skillfully establishes himself as a household name in melodic bass music. Garnering mass support from top EDM artists, labels, and brands, Ace Aura’s impact on electronic music is crystal clear.

ace aura crystal coalition

“I’m so grateful to have been able to work with so many artists I’m inspired by! Working on this EP was both a fun opportunity to make music with friends and a chance to showcase some amazing artists who are really innovating within the scene.”

Ace Aura

Future Riddim and Color Bass – What’s the Difference?

Music does not have to be defined by a genre. Some of our favorite songs are near-impossible to fit in a singular defining box! Regardless, loosely categorizing songs can be beneficial for personal music discovery.

So, what is the difference between future riddim and color bass?

While they share similarities in sound design, future riddim and color bass can feel different, flow differently, and execute their own unique, distinct concepts. Color bass is considered both a style of bass design and a standalone genre, culminated by the juxtaposition of intricate musicality with a dubstep-inspired arrangement. Future riddim incorporates this style of sound design, but arguably pushes a brighter, more metallic tonality and can encompass numerous variations of this musical style. A future riddim track can be considerably more bass-heavy, with the sounds we perceive as color bass acting as accents and layers. Some think color bass maintains a bouncier rhythm, while future riddim stays truer to a traditional riddim beat. Specifics aside, these genre names are still interchangeable and cover a wide range of forward-thinking melodic bass music. 

Crystal Coalition takes inspiration from both genres, yet still executes individuality and simultaneous cohesiveness from all artists involved. Let’s take a listen!

Ace Aura x beastboi. x MIKESH!FT – “Vibrance

Bursting out of the starting gate is “Vibrance“, an innovative heavy-hitter with collaborators beastboi. and MIKESH!FT. An introduction straight from Lofi Girl’s “beats to study to” breaks way to an entrancing synth lead. Sonic tension builds as emphatic choir vocals swell and soar, then release. Bright, punchy bass shots brim with vibrant tonality, while a thudding kick and smacking snare slice through the mix. The shining star of this track is not just the sound design, but the unexpected drop chord progression. My music theory is not great (it is trash,) but the second 16 bars seem to introduce a borrowed chord, constructing a unique melodic experience. Zero in at 1:16 to hear!

Ace Aura x SpaceYeti – “Say It

SpaceYeti and Ace Aura team up to gift us an energetic hybrid anthem, “Say It.” “Say It” is one of those tracks where you love the first half so much, you think there is no way it could get any better – and then it gets better. A blissful lyric motif resounds, as drop one melts into alternating heavy synth patterns and rhythms. Drop two shares a similar sound selection, but gives way to a steady quarter-note beat, a gratifying variation that slows down dancing and invokes that “bass face” moment.

Ace Aura x Phocust – “Spirit Showdown”

Phocust and Ace Aura demonstrate a one-of-a-kind “Spirit Showdown” with their forceful collaborative effort. A mesmerizing display of evolving instrumentation, floating vocal chops, and exuberant bass leads, “Spirit Showdown” is an excellent concluding track that leaves listeners feeling good and wanting more.

When Bass Meets Melody

Melodic bass, where the drops are as hard as they are euphoric. Crystal Coalition is a dazzling demonstration of how fusing bass and melodic sound design can produce new and captivating music. Exploring the possibility of harmonics and cadences in bass music opens up a whole new world of sound. Explore yours with Ace Aura.

ace aura crystal coalition

Discover Ace Aura and Crystal Coalition – check out the complete EP and listen here!

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