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Calling all shufflers! It’s time to show off those dance skills you learned during quarantine. Habstrakt has kicked off the year with a new take to Nitepunk’s track, “Flow.” 

Habstrakt Flow
Nitepunk – “Flow” (Habstrakt Remix)

“Flow” is originally by Nitepunk.

Brooklyn baddie, Nitepunk, is sitting high and tall, thanks to his successful first EP, Red Turbulence. To close out a successful 2020, he released “Flow” on HARD Recordings, making it his debut release with the label. From astonishing melodies, buoyant rhythms, and catchy vocal snippets, Nitepunk also sprinkles a bit of magnetic percussion to produce a ravishing tempo. 

Now, Habstrakt remixes “Flow.”

Our favorite French producer, Habstrakt, has started 2021 off with taking “Flow” for a wild ride. Maintaining similar aspects from Nitepunk’s version, Habstrakt adds his trademark sound to give us a gritty house track. What I personally love about the remix? If you close your eyes, you can picture yourself at a warehouse rave. Although you are being blinded by the strong strobe lights, you glide on the floor to keep up with the beat. 

If you need more Habstrakt in your life, be sure to also catch him on Beginning Tokyo’s livestream this January 15th

Stream Habstrakt’s “Flow” remix down below, out now on HARD Recordings! 

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