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In celebration of their new album announcement, Sultan + Shepard release “Solid Gold Love” featuring Richard Waters and the solid gold hearts the three seem to be holding on to. Returning with Lane 8‘s label This Never Happened, their album Something, Everything releases on March 12th.

We’ve been a fan of Richard for a long time—we’re so happy to have connected with him on this song about love, empathy, and healing.

Sultan + Shepard

Sultan + Shepard are on a high.

After a long evolution through the music industry, it seems Sultan + Shepard have settled down into their own groove—with 3 EPs on TNH already. Coming not only from the fans but Sultan + Shepard themselves, excitement is building rapidly after the release of just one single. Although, when you take a moment to listen it’s not hard to understand why!

Sultan + Shepard Electric Hawk
From Left to Right: Ossama Al Sarraf, Ned Shepard of Sultan + Shepard, Photo by kirbgawd

Sultan + Shepard show a vast understanding of love.

Listening to “Solid Gold Love” reminds me of the fond feelings I have always held for the mountains, growing up at the base of them. Inspired especially by the cover art, I am reminded vividly of a familiar road called the Alpine Loop. It’s an hour-long loop that drives you deep into, and then back out of, the Wasatch Mountain Range. I have seen my fair share of canyons, but this place really knows how to steal your breath away.

There is no feeling more humbling than the one you encounter when staring a mountain in the face. And surely, it’s hard to capture the immensity of mountain ranges that have been around for hundreds of years. With their first single off the album, Sultan + Shepard manage to encapsulate this feeling I have always held close to my heart growing up. “Solid Gold Love” holds a feeling as natural as the rivers that run into the Salt Lake Valley from the surrounding snow-capped mountains. As I listen I am reminded of the cool fall air in my lungs and warm love in my heart. Love comes in many forms but it is not very often I find things that remind me so vividly of the sturdy love that the past 20 years so close to the earth have brought me.

Even if you don’t have a road nearby specifically made for it, get in the car (train or bus works, as well), turn up this track, and take a moment to remember the different forms of love that you experience from all sources.

Listen to “Solid Gold Love” below and don’t forget to check out the album on March 12th!

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