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gyrofield is one of the hottest names in the drum n’ bass scene. The self-proclaimed cat-princess has been absolutely dominating with each one of their releases. Last week, the “Tech Flex VIP” was released, tearing up speakers across the globe. This week, gyrofield is back with “The Lie,” the debut single off of her upcoming Evangelion For Beginners EP. With the hype already at a maximum for the EP, this recent single just raised the bar even higher.

gyrofield takes us on a journey with a deep, emotional liquid track.

Sound design. Flow. Structure. Kiana Li, better known as gyrofield nails all of those aspects right on the head. They combine those talents on “The Lie” to generate a moody liquid track. But it is not just a copy and paste DnB tune with a few added synths to make it unique. This track is distinctly gyrofield’s. The juxtaposition between dark and light is balanced perfectly to form a relaxing, yet dark mood. A drawn-out, spacey build-up flows us naturally into the rhythmic 172 bpm pattern that carries the rest of the track. The deep cutting-bass combined with the vocal samples generate the emotional mood, while the crisp, speedy drum pattern maintains the tune’s danceability.

What is so impressive is how much she does with so little. In between the two drops is a blissful section of emptiness. A delicate melody dances above softly placed drums. For someone known for their complexity, gyrofield masters the art of minimalism at multiple points in this track. The second bit of drop brings back that deep, melancholy mood, littered with a crumb of hope. Dark, yet uplifting.

If this is your introduction to gyrofield, consider yourself lucky. There is so much more to dive into. Still yet to enter their twenties, the sky is not even close to the limit of this superbly talented beat-maker. Mark your calendars for July 22nd, when the full EP drops on Overview Music.

Listen to “The Lie” by gyrofield out now:

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