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Hold up, hold up, hold up, this is an official checkpoint where you have to start paying attention to LODIEN. This young prodigy is kicking off the Solace Family 2021 releases with his latest single, “Anubis,” and we have the exclusive premiere. The track comes out swinging, confining to no genre, and abiding by no boundary.

Who is LODIEN?

At just 17 years old, Logan Williams, or as you’ll get to know him, LODIEN, is right on track to make some serious waves in the scene. “Anubis” is his third ever release and the perfect commencement to the Solace Family’s vast calendar of releases in the coming months. The Indiana-native is already finding a sound of his own and we can’t wait to watch it grow.

LODIEN drops new single 'Anubis'

With a unique flavor and flow, “Anubis” instantly finds itself in a lane of its own. Filling the air with ice-cold attention-grabbing stings, LODIEN lays down a blanket of sound for us to get cozy on. Without much warning or build, we’re casted into this intricate drop. A whirlwind of synths and snares hand-picked by LODIEN himself flexes just how well he knows his way around some CDJ’s. As soon as it begins, the track is over. Leaving us bamboozled and eager to watch LODIEN’s discography get larger.

Keep your eyes locked on the Solace Family in these next few months. Like we mentioned, “Anubis” initiates a domino effect of releases that this label has up their sleeve. You can expect 10+ tracks dropping every two weeks, from the likes of BRWN BEAR, Breadwinner, and maybe even everyone’s favorite bussy bopper. To sum it up, we’re about to be s p o i l e d.

Dive into “Anubis” below

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