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Planet Cyclops, a compilation album presented by Subtronics‘ record label Cyclops Recordings does not disappoint in delivering a dynamic project. His carefully curated choice of songs and artists to feature show what Cyclops Recordings is all about. The sonic diversity of each track on the album continually highlights his mission statement of pushing new era sounds and artists that are breaking boundaries. 

Subtronics @ Bass Canyon 2019

Gear up and get ready for travel to Planet Cyclops…

The first song, “Resist,” from Subtronics and Ace Aura starts the album off on a high-energy note in which chiming bells carefully drop into a thrilling bass. Secondly, the lovely Level Up sends listeners on an intergalactic journey in “Velvet Crossbow.” The drop feels like we’re quite literally going into a space battle. 

“Nightcrawler” by Cyclops begins with a suspenseful and ominous array of sounds. The tension is insane on this track and the drop will have you looking at your best friend bewildered saying “WHAT THE F*CK?!?” in the best way possible.  “Bar Mitzvah Disaster” from the one and only Subtronics carries his signature sound and is an all-around bop. 

“Deaths Door” from Jkyl & Hyde and Chassi is the riddim anthem that we needed on this compilation. Likewise, Guppi‘s “Ransom” also gives us that perfect experimental dubstep/riddim.

“Raveification” from Ripper is sure to be a house summer anthem. Lastly, Phoenix slows our heartbeats back down in “FLY” with some downtempo experimental bass. But the music doesn’t stop there. In other words, there are a total of 22 tracks on Planet Cyclops and all of them are some heat so be sure to go check it out. You might just find your new favorite artist…

Listen to the 3-part Planet Cyclops LP below.

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