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On the heels of his FIRST ever Virtual Camp Kulabunga Winter Edition, the light in everyones’ life, GRiZ delivers much-awaited smasher, “Vibe Check.” Clearly, he is hyped for it, and so are we!

GRiZ lifts everyones’ spirits with “Vibe Check.”

You are probably no stranger to “Vibe Check.” The passionate producer tends to share his progress via Instagram stories, so if you keep up you will surely recognize this release. He even played the track during the GRiZMAS Digital Charity Festival! (P.S. Remember when your favorite hawks made an appearance during that?!)

Equal parts soul and bass, “Vibe Check” shows off GRiZ’s energetic side perfectly. His saxophone incorporation we all know and love sits atop a wobbly bassline while the groovy melody gets us movin’. In other words, “Vibe Check” is upbeat, funky, and overall full of undeniable positive energy! And on top of the track itself, the artwork is out of this world. The intricacy by Sunflower Form has blown us away! Shoutout to GRiZ for uplifting yet another artist along his journey.

Stream GRiZ’s latest here and let loose on this lovely Friday!

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