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The latest HEIRZ EP, Digital Alchemy is on its way! We got the chance to exclusively premiere the lead single and title track right here at Electric Hawk, and it does not disappoint. Check out what we thought of the tune, and read more about the up and coming duo!

“Digital Alchemy” Is A Beautiful Exploration Into Dark Sound

What I loved most about this song was the range of sounds and styles that were used. HEIRZ, the Seattle-based duo, gets a lot of their inspiration from Tsuruda, Shades and different styles of hip-hop. This inspiration clearly shined a light in “Digital Alchemy.”

The first build is pretty melodic and sets the atmosphere that the song will live in. Percussions pop over a bright and inspirational melody, with sparkling sounds making their way into the mix. Then, Heirz dials it up. A G Jones-esque drum build up leads us into a heavyweight drop. The way the duo balances the sounds, from heavy and demonic, to soft and wondrous, is simply fantastic. There are those moments when you feel as if an spirit is going to possess you and then, before you know it, the feeling is as if you are being welcomed at the gates of heaven.

This beautiful juxtaposition of sound leads us back down the path that the introduction brought us on. Back into the wonderful world HEIRZ built for us with sound. But this time, they pick it up a notch. After another hectic, but satisfying percussion-filled build, HEIRZ delivers a crushing second-drop on “Digital Alchemy.” Unlike the first, this drop is a lot more wonky, with a much larger dubstep influence. It caught me completely off-guard, and my only wish is that my first time hearing this unexpected drop was in front of a sound system with a packed crowd around me.

Keep An Eye Out For The Rise Of HEIRZ

In the last four months, the duo has had multiple releases, including one on Spicy Bois, along with a livestream set on Wormhole Wednesday. It seems that with “Digital Alchemy,” HEIRZ has truly settled into their defining sound. Going forward, I can’t wait to see what these two have in store for us and what direction the project will go in. Be on the lookout for their full EP in spring!

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