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This is not a drill! The prayers have been answered from the beloved funky lords above. The legendary, beloved album Mad Liberation from GRiZ is finally coming to vinyl! So get on the floor everyone, the wait is finally over. Last year, on an IG live, GRiZ mentioned that the possibility of this album coming to vinyl seemed like a surreal dream. And after each announcement from GRiZ the past few months of whatever surprising news, a few comments repeating, “Mad Lib on vinyl???” always followed. Well, all the manifesting and asking worked, it is finally happening!

The album that introduced a whole generation into the electronic scene.

When you ask someone who joined the scene 8 years ago, it is no lie that Mad Liberation was probably one of the first albums to introduce them into the electronic scene. Throwback to the times when a homie would send you a SoundCloud link (Thanks Noah) to Mad Liberation while you were kicking back in a basement or your car. Back then, there never seemed to be a more epic introduction than when you pressed play and heard “Too Young For Tragedy” for the first time ever.

While the album progresses, you begin to be sent to another universe as the rest of the tracks play out. From grooving to “Smash the Funk,” headbanging along to “Blasta,” to feeling like you are on top of the world with “Better Than I’ve Ever Been,” then emotionally thinking about that special someone with “Fall In Love Too Fast.” And once the album was finished, you just knew that you had run it back and listen to it all over again.

We will always cherish Mad Liberation.

Throughout the years GRiZ fans have grown to appreciate the beauty of this album from front to back. From the countless events seeing these tracks live, beginning at small venues as GRiZ was starting out. To watching him play in bigger curated events and venues as he grew as an artist. No matter the endless amount of experiences, there is always a cheer and boost of serotonin whenever you hear GRiZ play something off of Mad Liberation. The memories and bonds that have been created through this album are always cherished.

Whether you are an OG or a new fan of GRiZ, this is always the album that is a MUST listen. Now the fans finally get to have a piece of their beloved memories in a physical format that they can simply treasure for the rest of their lives. AND it is on pre-order, so as many people as possible can have the amazing opportunity to purchase GRiZ’s Mad Liberation vinyl. Thank you GRiZ! Be sure to not to miss the pre-sale window for this vinyl. On sale begins August 17th at 12pm EST and ends August 24th at 12pm EST!

While we wait for our vinyls to arrive, come throwback and listen to Mad Liberation with us here!

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