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An emotional journey through the realms of bass, trap, and hip-hop, Great Dane has returned with the recent release of his sixth full-length album, Epsilon Iguana. This 12-track, groundbreaking work is Great Dane’s first full album since uprooting from his home in SoCal and moving to New York City in 2021. And his experiences shine through intricate and catchy productions that perfectly encapsulate his unique sound.

Great Dane Press photo for Epsilon Iguana release
Courtesy of NAYMLIS Management

The Epsilon Iguana emerges into its natural habitat… your ears.

The self-titled introduction track, “Epsilon Iguana, introduces us to the experiential evolution of Great Dane as an artist. He throws us right into his transcendent vision as his classic trap sound bumps through the speakers. “Whoa Now” encompasses slower, syncopated bass lines and sultry R&B vocals. The song’s emotions expand on the bittersweet feeling of ending one adventure to start a new one.

The third track on the album and the third single to be released is “What Meow?” Its lighter and more experimental energy is weightless — almost like flying in an airplane. Yet these motifs collide with the all-encompassing deeper bass lines, centering us back to solid ground. Up next is “Royal Perspective, which pleasantly switches up the energy, introducing original vocals and world bass elements.

In an almost effortless transition, “Duh Nah Nah” presents us with a beast of a trap anthem. You can feel the power and energy of this track clearly, and can only imagine its massive impact once played out on a festival stage. Following this track is “Quietly, featuring Clara Casey, showcasing Great Dane’s ability to create evocative and soulful soundscapes while amplifying angelic female vocals.

“Everything As It Should Be” is a breath of fresh air.

Great Dane gives us a brief pause from the heavy trap sound we know and cherish so much. Instead, he uses the track to showcase his lo-fi and melodic expertise. Soon after, we’re thrown back into the mix with “That Zaza (Interlude). This upbeat, energetic tune revs the engine and explores Great Dane’s evolved trap style.

Next on the album is “Where You Wanna Go, a transcendent ballad that pulls at your heartstrings with angelic vocals and flourishing synths. As we head towards the album’s end, “I’m Widdit” is a bouncy, confidence-boosting trap classic. This is quickly juxtaposed by the vulnerable and raw track “All Washed Up. This pop-esque track is a unique addition to Great Dane’s story — a homage to the feeling of not fitting in and not being confident in one’s path.

Epsilon Iguana has been like Great Dane’s private journal.

The last up on the album is “The Brooklyn Shuffle. The driving beat, major-key bass synths, and upbeat drum and bass breakdown set an optimistic and wistful view of Great Dane’s sonic vision.

It’s clear to see and hear that Great Dane has put his whole heart into Epsilon Iguana. This work encapsulates everything he felt over the first two years transitioning to the East Coast. He’s already shared some of these works on festival stages like Lightning in a Bottle, and he’s been inspired by the crowd’s reactions. And these experiences have made him all the more confident in who he’s becoming as an artist.

Listen to Epsilon Iguana by Great Dane here!

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