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Through all the tough times, Ghost in Real Life brings us together for her newest single, “Rave Hymn (No Tomorrow), released on June 23rd. As one of our artists to watch for 2023, Ghost in Real Life gives the audience a mantra for living the best life you possibly can in this current moment! For all the listeners feeling lost in the crowd, “Rave Hymn (No Tomorrow)” unleashes that sense of comfort of togetherness with the strangers surrounding us, and for a brief period, we are alive with our newfound friends. And before you leave the show for the night, check out the exclusive interview we have with Ghost in Real Life!

Rave Hymn (No Tomorrow) Cover Art

There is no such thing as feeling alone while listening to Ghost in Real Life, especially during “Rave Hymn!”

From the get-go, Ghost in Real Life signals to the heavens for all the lost spirits to congregate towards the stage. A movement begins to come into full motion through the amplifying punk bass line and growing hymns in the background. And while the crowd begins to build, Ghost in Real Life elevates the emotions of her audience. As she screams the lyrics, “This life is all that I wanted, I flipped the switch, and goddamn I got it,the synergy among the crowd becomes apparent as everyone joins together. Once the drop finally comes, in unison, that energy is electrifying as everyone begins to dance and forget their problems. Ghost in Real Life collectively brings in the crowd, building a sense of community to unleash the pure passion that only comes once everyone’s energy becomes in sync.

Naturally, Ghost in Real Life creates an anthem for the misplaced souls that wander aimlessly. Through her newest single, she brings unison and crafts a chain reaction to everyone longing to find purpose within their lives. The repeating words that will linger in your head once the track is over, “I live my life like no tomorrow, slowly become the mantra for fully appreciating the life we have. Although there will be situations where nothing is good, Ghost in Real Life ensures we aren’t alone on this bumpy ride with “Rave Hymn (No Tomorrow).”

Ghost in Real Life - LIVE
Photo Credits: Jeremy Verone

seradopa: The overarching theme of “Rave Hymn” is bringing a sense of togetherness and living your life to the fullest in the crowd. Describe what “togetherness” means to you from an audience’s and artist’s POV.

GIRL: Audience – If you google the definition of togetherness, it gives you “the state of being close to another person or other people.” For me, it goes a little deeper than that. There is a certain kind of harmony we all feel when we’re squished as sardines in a dark, crowded room, vibing to the music that’s playing. We all came here for one purpose: to forget about our problems, let go and live in peace. When everyone is in sync in that way, that is what togetherness means to me.

Artist POV – As an artist, I’ve made it my mission to create an environment where that peace can exist constantly. I’ve always wanted to make music that people can sing arm in arm in harmony. If I can create little moments where there’s a moment of peace in humanity, my job is complete.

GIRL crowd shot
Photo Credits: Jeremy Verone

seradopa: How do you personally “live your life like there is no tomorrow?” Is there any advice you want to give to others who appear lost in their path but need to hear something exactly like your friend Colin mentioned back in the day?

GIRL: When my friend Colin found me, I was very, very lost. I was constantly looking for others’ approval and doing nothing to create a path of my own. If there’s anything I’ve learned from Colin that I can lend to others is to stop caring what everyone thinks and do what’s going to fulfill you in your own life. Make your own decisions, just be the best you can be, and don’t let anyone affect that. Also, it takes time.

Colin and I have been friends for a very long time, and he’s constantly reminding me of the same things over and over again. I’m surprised he hasn’t quit on me yet. The truth is, you’re going to repeat mistakes no matter how hard you try. The most important thing is that you never quit.

seradopa: Within our little area of music, we always hear the pipeline of artists coming from pop-punk/emo to the electronic sphere of music. Are there reasons why this transition seems to happen? Are there any similarities between punk/emo and electronic music that people tend not to recognize?

GIRL: I think that from mid 90’s to around 2009, we had a huge wave of pop-punk/emo music, with some of the most popular artists being Paramore, Blink 182, Green Day, etc. When EDM became so popular that it got on the radio, technology improved to a point where you could create music without trying to start a band in your parent’s garage. That type of independence gave us Skrillex. With pop-punk/emo music being such a large part of many people’s past, naturally, we’re going to incorporate those influences into what we’re creating because it’s what we’re familiar with.

There are a lot of similarities in the drum patterns between punk music and some electronic music genres. For example, metal tends to have many heavy guitars with the kick on beat one and the snare on beat three. You replace that heavy guitar sound with a crazy distorted bass synth, and you have dubstep. Punk is a little more energetic with an eighth-note hi-hat and a snare on two and four. If you add a kick on the first, sixth, and eighth beat with distorted synth bass sounds, you have drum and bass. The genres are fairly similar.

seradopa: Do you think people nowadays are longing for that nostalgic feeling of their punk/emo youth into their adult life?

GIRL: Yes, totally. Back when I was a teenager, the cool thing to do was to go to see some underground band in someone’s basement or go to an underground venue to see the local band your friends were in. Many of us were rebellious, full of anger and angst. We wanted to have tattoos or piercings and do illegal things just for fun. We were free. Now that we have jobs and responsibilities and some of us have children, a lot of us still long for that sense of freedom, rebellion, and chaos.

seradopa: If you were to create a current-day band with some of your friends, what would the band’s name be, and who would be a part of it?

GIRL: Honestly, I’d probably start a band with Colin. He is actually a super-talented bass player and a really great songwriter. I used to only go to him for song feedback because he was the only person I could trust for a while with my music. I would sing and play guitar. We would find someone to drum for us and have some silly names like Good Fun, Happy Time, or Old School Vans. We’d probably have only one tour because we’d get in trouble a lot—Colin and I know how to have a good time, honestly.

seradopa: What do you believe has been changing for the better, and what needs to be improved immediately in our industry? How could we build a better supportive community within the electronic scene?

GIRL: One giant step we have been making is creating space for more women, LGBTQ, and POC creators to exist in the scene. We still have a long way to go, but I believe it’s important that we keep recognizing that there’s a lot of history in LGBTQ and POC communities when it comes to electronic music and that we need to keep that history alive. Also, it’s important we create space for women to be leaders and independent artists in the scene for all the young girls that share the same passion.

The big change the scene needs is more women supporting each other instead of tearing each other down. I spend a lot of personal time lending advice to other up-and-coming women to ensure their success and make sure they don’t make the same mistakes I have. I believe that larger artists, promoters, and people in general need to have more faith in women. We’re more than just a way to promote an event or something to look at. We’re true artists.

Truly Ghost in Real Life shows us how she lives like no tomorrow!

Overall, the rising rock star continues to thrive in her element as she gains momentum throughout 2023! From earlier in the year releasing through Night Mode to later in the year performing at both Bass Canyon and Lost Lands, it appears that Ghost in Real Life is ready to bring her new vision around the nation! Soon, she will hit the road with Riot Ten during his Hype or Die Tour in the Fall. And with this latest single, she reminds everyone that every second counts and to push ourselves to live to our fullest potential! There truly is no guarantee of tomorrow, so go on and fulfill all the beautiful things you want to do! While you do so, we will continue to have this new single, “Rave Hymn (No Tomorrow)” from Ghost in Real Life, on repeat!

Ghost in Real Life Live in LA
Photo Credits: Jeremy Verone

There is no better feeling than coming together with Ghost in Real Life and her new single “Rave Hymn (No Tomorrow).” Listen below!

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