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How are you all feeling as the new year has begun? So far so good? Taking it one day at a time? Over here, we’re ready to let go of 2020 and invite in all of the new experiences, music, and love that this year will bring. On that note, Goopsteppa has decided to bless us with a new mix to reflect on 2020 with a positive message and smooth tracklist.

Titling the mix “This Mix Is A Gift,” Goopsteppa wants to say thank you.

I wanna take a moment to say thank you if you’ve been a listener, and if this music has moved you or inspired you, that means the most to me. You’re more than just another follower or ‘like’; you’re part of this world with me.

– Goopsteppa

As we dive into the mix, we’re treated to that ambient Goopsteppa dub that’s heavy in all the right places. Blended expertly with his smooth ethereal tracks like “Wonders” and the featured IDs, the tracklist features collabs with Atyya, Oddwan, Ill Chill, and more. “This Mix Is A Gift” provides all of the sounds you need to relax, knock out a few goals, or kick off 2021 in any way you see fit.

After such a crazy year, it’s calming and hopeful to remember that we’re all in this together.

Goopsteppa continues to share with us how it’s been quite an interesting year for music. “The abrupt halt in us sharing music in live contexts definitely shook me up in ways, and the ups and downs of my creative process have made me wonder lately what really matters in all this to me.”

“Our world is going through some crazy times, and I think it is very important for us to question the ways we relate to each other as humans and what our true value systems are. Each of us has an input on reality.”

The studio to me is meant to be a temple, a safe-haven for expression and creativity. This music is a gift to be shared. It’s a vibe that has connected people for times immemorial, in continuously evolving forms. It’s so much bigger than any individual.

– Goopsteppa

“i love music, creating is a pleasure to me, and i love sharing it as well
i believe we are all connected through this web of life
so i offer these sounds as a gift
and if this can be of service to you, i celebrate that.”

Thank you for your kind words and gift, Goopsteppa. We love you!

Listen to “This Mix Is A Gift” by Goopsteppa below

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