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If you’re wondering where we’ve been, we’ve been slipping through Dreamland like a tourist. The latest album from Glass Animals, Dreamland, dropped last week, and it’s been on repeat ever since.

When the album dropped, frontman Dave Bayley encouraged listeners to shut everything off, sit back, and listen. Urging you to take forty-five minutes out of your day to get lost in the story Glass Animals has written for us. So, this is exactly what we did, and have done, pretty much every day since.

Glass Animals

Playing like an autobiography, Dreamland is a glimpse into the mind of someone reminiscing their childhood. With home video interludes from Bayley himself, and plenty of catchy lyrics about things most of us enjoyed when we were younger. The story is told through hip hop, psychedelic pop, and indie electronic sounds. Paired with unlikely combinations of lyrics you’d never think to place together, but when Bayley does it, it sounds too good.

Big dicks and big ol’ titties on the sly

say I got Aries eyes

fuck no, I’m a bonafide Aquemini

Glass Animals – “Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth”

This album is truly something for the people and brought fans the kind of happiness we really needed right now. Tracks like “It’s All So Incredibly Loud” will throw you right into your feels, while “Tokyo Drifting” featuring Denzel Curry will have you throwing ass. Then there are songs like “Tangerine,” and “Helium,” that just make you happy you exist in the same lifetime as Glass Animals.

Glass Animals

Honestly, just do yourself a favor and go stream Dreamland front to back.

Make sure you also check out this cool listening party Glass Animals had on their Twitter yesterday. They broke down each track one by one, and gave us a little background too – it’s just super neat. We love them, and we want to scream it from a mountain top.

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