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The exhilarating return from the duo Gaszia and Sooski come back as they release their anticipated EP together, Pre-Faze, released September 22nd with KUMO Collective. The duo returns to bring an enchanting and mystical collaboration of tracks together. After the release of “Bite” earlier in the year, both Gaszia and Sooski are ready to bring the chilling thrills and euphoric energy to the floor. Ready to rattle the scene and join into the pre-faze of things?

Gaszia Bite
Left: Gaszia , Right: Sooski

“Sooski and I connected when she reached out to X&G a few years ago. We didn’t really start chatting until quarantine, but as we’ve become closer I’ve realized she has huge potential to become a special artist in the coming years. I’ve stayed in my own little production bubble for a long time, but I’ve always wanted to work with other artists to help bring their visions to life. I really resonate with Sooski on so many levels, and so it made sense to start writing music with her.”


Now time to fall into the dismay of what Pre-Faze has to offer!


Immediately, the first track creates an atmosphere that brings this beautifully-elegant tone around us, while we stand in the middle of the room, watching the haze dance along to the melodies. Then you’re entangled with smoke as your body begins to flow in sync with the chromatic drums and synths. Throughout this room of sound, Sooski’s vocals bring this captivating energy as we fall into a daze of our surroundings with the lights flashing, heartbeat elevating, our bodies fully emerged in the soundscapes.

Although, there is always a surprise waiting for us for the ones that stay. The duo extends their hands, offering an opportunity to join in on the ride we are about to embark on. As we accept the invitation and step in – we are welcomed with a rush of energy. “Ride” closes out with liveliness of intensity through jersey-club rhythms that make you feel as if you just can’t resist escaping into the haze of the room.


Moving into the dreamscape realm, the atmosphere is filled with chromatic bubbles and haze, all until we are embraced with seraphic vocals from Sooski. As the tension and elegance on the dance floor slowly builds, your body begins to synchronize along to the plucks and tones of the track. It leads us to the first unique drop within “Bite” – we see a different direction from Gaszia. The drop consists of energetic grooves that bring you into a hallucination of euphoric energies only for Sooski to bring us back into reality for a brief moment to catch our breath as she puts us under her spell. While the haunting vocals linger in your mind as she says the words, “don’t make me bite.” Gaszia brings heavier and trap-influenced breaks with the second drop that allow us to release the chaotic energy onto the dance floor.

“Slipping Away”

Mona Sun Press
Pictured: Mona San

In the final track, the duo is joined by uprising producer Mona San to close out the electrifying journey. Naturally, the trio deliver a soothing and heavy ending to the night. Finally, giving us a moment slow down and just grasp the emotions that occurred during the experience. With the haunting, unforgettable vocals from Sooski as she sings the lyrics, “I don’t have a lot to lose,” we feel a rush of chills build along our spine. Both Gaszia and Mona San grasp the tension that have been escalating throughout and gives the audience the opportunity to let it all go.

Despite the outcomes that are lingering throughout our everyday lives, the trio reminds us this is our opportunity to lay it all out on the table. “Slipping Away” is the departure from things that are constantly fazing us. It allows us to dispose of all the troubles that we bottle up inside. Therefore when we leave the dance floor to return to our reality, this time we return with serenity and clarity on where we want to go next.

Gaszia & Sooski Pre-Faze Art
Artwork by @6amsunset

Don’t go unfazed moving through the haze with Gaszia & Sooski new Pre-Faze EP below!

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