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The almighty return of Gaszia, reveals his latest single “Bite” featuring Sooski, via KUMO Collective. After coming off a very club-friendly and hypnotic single “ApexClub” last year, Gaszia takes a different direction with this track. Gaszia combines an elegant blend of Sooski’s vocals with a dreamy storytelling journey.

Gaszia Bite
Left: Gaszia , Right: Sooski

This song celebrates women’s power in relationships. The words are merely having fun with the concept of a woman’s ability to exert influence, reminding men that although she can be the “dream girl” or the “good wife,” she will not change herself for any man as she is real and untamed. Nor will she dim her light in order for men to feel better about themselves. This character oozes confidence and grace. She warns men in a sassy way, not to feel irreplaceable, as she believes that it’s her bliss, brains and elegance which makes her relationships special. And she can recreate something just as special with the next man, because she’s the one holding the key to desire, passion and romance! She is everything a man can dream of, but do not test her!


Chomp on the savory and enchanting new single!

As we open into the dreamscape realm that Gaszia creates, the atmosphere is filled with chromatic bubbles and haze. All until we are embraced with seraphic vocals from Sooski. As the tension and elegance amongst the dancefloor slowly build, your body begins to synchronize along to the plucks and tones of the track. It leads us to the first unique drop within “Bite” – we see a different direction from Gaszia. The drop consists of energetic grooves that bring you into a hallucination of euphoric energies. Then, Sooski brings us back into reality for a brief moment to catch our breath as she puts us under her spell. The haunting vocals linger in your mind as she says the words, “don’t make me bite.” Gaszia brings heavier and trap-influenced breaks with the second drop that allow us to release the chaotic energy onto the dancefloor.

The duo creates an enchanted ground for us to get lost in the melodies while channeling our inner power. From the first version that Sooski released last November, to what Gaszia evolved it to, the influence of Sooski’s message is elevated. “Bite” is a track that gets you to fully understand the influence you hold amongst your relationships. During the late nights, under some pretty lights, “Bite” is the track to remind you that you don’t need to change yourself for anyone in this world. Naturally, a tune to add to your “hot girl sh*t” playlist.

Gaszia Bite
Artwork by @6amsunset

Don’t forget to get a tasteful “Bite” with Gaszia and Sooski below!

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