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International duo Acrillics joins forces with Zeal in their latest collaboration, “Subzero.” Released on September 22, this fusion of trap and drum and bass stands as their debut on FUXWITHIT Records.

Zeal (pictured above, left) currently produces a steady stream of drum and bass. The Canadian producer often infuses his tracks with a wintry comfort and artic sound design. Indeed, Zeal holds talents that are the perfect contrast to Acrillics for the creation of “Subzero.” A duo crossing the world, Acrillics (pictured above, right) is composed of New Zealander Rob Atkins and Scottish Andrew Mathewson. While the two are no strangers to drum and bass production, their abilities span several genres. However, one consistency remains – their affinity for darkness. Together, Acrillics and Zeal synthesize ominous beauty on “Subzero.”

Trap and drum and bass clash, becoming a blizzard in “Subzero.”

This track opens up with gentle synths that land like snowflakes on outstretched hands, immersing listeners in a quiet, snow-blanketed soundscape. The wind picks up as wet hi-hats underline this introduction, driving the energy with a trap rhythm. Then, “Subzero” suddenly releases into a grumbling drum and bass rhythm.

The bracing wind bites against exposed skin as the synths sharpen; the flakes of snow now feel like sleet. Snowfall increases and visibility decreases, creating uncertainty fueled by an energetic melody. All the while, the roaring of the blizzard is sustained in the rumbling harmony. The storm ebbs and calms somewhat, leaving listeners in awe of winter’s power and glacial beauty.

Yet another drum and bass hybrid track makes its way onto the airways, cross-pollinating genres for fans across the board to enjoy. Pure, wintry beauty and melancholy gloom come together in this track, creating vibrant imagery. Indeed, Acrillics and Zeal turn down the temperature but keep the energy high in “Subzero.”

Chill out with Acrillics and Zeal; dive into “Subzero” below!

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