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The weekend is nearing, you’re with the homies, the vibes are high and everyone is prepping for a night out. The Salt Lake City-based producer Gaszia (half of X&G) just released a new track just for the occasion. Gaszia follows up his multi-genre Fired Up EP with his newest release on KUMO Collective. The deconstructed club track called “ApexClub” is the perfect track to get the night started and blood pumping.


The club is open and Gaszia is ready to hype us up!

This is actually a demo originally made for the Baauer Bop Battle series that was hosted during quarantine. I really wanna shout out that whole community beacause through there I really felt like I discovered myself and my confidence in making music.


Now with the clubs opening back up, Gaszia has prepared the crowd with the energy to dance until the sun comes up. “ApexClub” contains the massive grittiness of club music’s roots along with adding those heavy and dark industrial undertones. Nevertheless, Gaszia doesn’t hesitate to keep the tempo up and leave no time to settle your breath. With different elements to help pump up your heart rate, “ApexClub” doesn’t seem to mess around. Whether that be from the jersey club-kicks, eerie haunting melodies in the background, or tribal chanting.

Gaszia isn’t afraid to explore the different aspects of genre-blending to create a captivating track. During the duration of four minutes, “ApexClub” keeps your body dancing. Naturally, this is a good start for anyone that isn’t too familiar with Gaszia’s previous discography. Whether you need a track to start the pregame, something to let some steam off, or just want to release the wild side trapped inside, Gaszia – “ApexClub” is the track to constantly have in your daily rotation.

Get the party started and club bumping with “ApexClub” by Gaszia! Stream it below!

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