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We love keeping you up to date and stocking your playlists with new music. In our ever-evolving attempts to bring you the newest and freshest finds in this rapidly changing music industry, we update our Fresh Hunts playlist every single Friday. It is one of our biggest playlists curated with the utmost care. So, tune in to our weekly gift to the people we love most- YOU! Now, without further ado, let’s get right into our latest Fresh Hunts Round Up.

This week for our Fresh Hunts Round Up, we are giving you some of our favorite new EPs and mixes, some trap, and of course, all the bangers.

Stellar EP – TRIGO

Out now on Electric Hawk Records, Trigo has released his debut EP, Stellar. Here to bring us “wavy bass music from another universe,” this EP and the artwork by Josh Kasper were created with the intent to take the listener on their own journey of self-discovery and growth. Each of the five tracks bring you into a realm of magic, self-reflection, and meditation, all with the perfect amount of dreamy bass. Put Trigo on your list of folks to keep an eye on, there’s a lot more where that came from.

Phase 1 EP – MEMBA

MEMBA is a duo group project that is a “dynamic, world-influenced exploration of rhythm, contrast and the unexpected.” This Phase 1 EP falls under the trap genre, however, the three tracks are combined with ethereal, intricate elements that equate to a masterpiece and a beautifully done EP. If you’re interested in seeing them live this year, MEMBA recently just announced their first Red Rocks show with Alison Wonderland!

L’Essentiel 112 – Botez

The latest mix from L’Affaire Musicale comes from Botez, a Detroit native generating a lot of recent talk and popularity. He finds inspiration in both the raw, driving sound of Detroit techno and the graceful melodies of minimal house. With the intention set to spread light, positivity, and universal love, the music Botez creates is as inclusive as it is captivating. This mix features unreleased original tracks, collaborations, and all sorts of fresh magic. In fact, you can catch Botez live for yourself, headlining this Friday at the Magic Stick in Detroit.

‘Neon Prayer’ – Supertaste

Brooklyn-based indie-pop duo Supertaste have shared their latest offering “Neon Prayer” on Casablanca Sunset Records. A pair with an appetite for deli sandwiches and disco, when you find yourself in the room with Supertaste, you’ll know. “Neon Prayer” is the oldest of the songs that they’re releasing on the upcoming Super Classic EP. The duo shared that they’re “Feeling proud of the song itself, but more proud of the team we’ve seen grow around this project.”

‘Omen’ – Farrah

“Jadū Dala. The Magical Music Outfit.” Farrah‘s latest track, “Omen,” is one fast-paced layered banger. A Hong Kong based producer and DJ, Farrah, is a pioneer in the East Asian bass and trap communities. Acting as vanguard for women in the scene, she sees no bounds with her lofty and infectious remixes and originals. Of course, you know we love Farrah over here at Electric Hawk. Her dark and brooding approach to trap music creates an inviting and inclusive atmosphere for both bass heads and trap lovers alike.

Plexus EP – Tek Genesis

An Australian producer, Tek Genesis presents a forward-thinking approach to experimental bass music. Drawing inspiration from a variety of eclectic musicians that we know and love such as EpromAlix Perez, and G Jones, he effortlessly weaves elements of bass music, hip-hop, acid, and jungle into a library of dynamic sound. Plexus EP, out on Dark Machine Records, features four heavy and quite detailed tracks. Basically, if you’re a fan of the producers listed above, this EP is for you.

‘Mobbin’ – BroMosapien

This latest track from Electric Hawk Records is by BroMosapien of Mean Mug Music. At a BroMosapien show, you can expect him to treat you to some dubstep, neuro bass, hybrid trap, and DnB, all while spicing it up with a hip-hop feel. Similarly, “Mobbin” is one massive bass track, and you’ll be hearing more music from him all year long. Also, the artwork for this track was created by Electric Hawk’s very own graphic designer, SeraDopa. 🙂

Going Insane’ – Sippy

Our favorite bass boss and dream label Deadbeats star, Sippy, recently dropped a low-end splitting banger that fully envelopes any listener into a vibrant atmosphere of uplifting sounds and hair-raising sub bass. Another gem from Australia, Sippy has been one of our favorites to follow along and watch as she keeps establishing her dominance in the world.

‘Alchemy’ – Blanke (ShockOne Remix)

What would a Fresh Hunts Round Up be without a little drum and bass?! This ShockOne remix of Blanke‘s “Alchemy” is just as smooth and satisfying as it is wild and full of adrenaline. ShockOne is an Australian artist and DJ that continues to create huge waves in bass with an impeccable production with sonic subtlety and melodic nuance. In conclusion, we love him, and you guys should check him out.

Check out the rest of our Fresh Hunts below!

Fresh Hunts Round Up

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