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Have y’all heard about Founding Frequencies yet? Well, allow us to introduce you to one of the hottest new record labels coming from the underground. Hailing from the iconic city which our nation was founded upon, this dynamic crew from Philly has built its mission around orchestrating a selection of some of the finest undiscovered talent the electronic genre has to offer. This time around is no different, the team has released their appropriately timed, second collab EP, Speak Up. Founding Frequencies has scoured the lands far and wide, snatching up these two budding stars in the bass scene. 

Feelmonger and Zejibo, are two rising producers’ whose careers are just taking off. Bringing the bass from down South, Feelmonger has been a name flying across our radar for some time now. The freeform bass artist has had an absolutely monster year with numerous mixes ranging across a wide spectrum of genres, a slew of robust remixes.

For the second track off the EP, recruiting Zejibo for a little hometown cooking, the Philly native seemed to be the last piece of the puzzle to cap off this brief yet powerful project. Touching on a multitude of different sounds, Zejibo has quietly been fine-tuning his craft over the past year to emulate his distinct take on bass music. Together, the two have masterfully whipped up expansive sounds jam-packed into this illustrious project. 

Of course, we cannot forget @diabeyonce for the extremely fitting cover art that captures the mood so precisely. 

A ballot sheet depicts our vote being cast for this memorable EP, and we couldn’t agree more. With so much uncertainty surrounding us politically, physically, mentally, and spiritually,  Founding Frequencies has blessed us with a new medium to cleanse our minds and regurgitate our thoughts. 

The Speak Up EP begins with Feelmonger leading things off and my goodness does he deliver an epic call to action. With the rich title, “Reactor” is a sonic journey into various pitches and frequencies. The track encompasses an extremely clever layout as each loop is unique in its own right as the next set of notes progressively dives into more and more potent drums. Screeching bass lines pairing with halting breaks taking you on an immersive and epic saga.  

Next up we have Zejibo with an absolutely thunderous banger. “9” brings our awareness to the energy building inside of us. Passion overcomes us and the message is clear, there’s no sitting still to this one. A massive beginning with distorted synths sets the high intensity mood from the intro. The synths are met with a brigade of raucous and abrasive drums ranging in high and low frequencies back and forth toying with your mind at max capacity.

Stream Founding Frequencies’ new EP, Speak Up, featuring Feelmonger & Zejibo below:

Keep up with Feelmonger

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Keep up with Zejibo

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