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Trouble‘ is the latest release from our very own prodigy, Vieira. The NY born producer continues to develop his own style of trap and dubstep mixed with a hefty load of bass. He utilizes hybrid trap sounds that we have simply never heard anything like before. Once again, the producer pushes his creativity to the next level with a tune that defies any sort of genre or norms.

Vieira’s uses his artwork and track title to immediately warn the listener of what’s to come. A spiralized image of the Joker spreading his smile apart warns the listener of the twisted mischief that this song entails. The murky track begins with a sample of a man letting us all know that he is here for us. It may be a little too late, however. The track immediately picks up with some riddling high hats giving us a little drum and bass feel. Ready or not, Vieira creates an explosion of sounds that come all crashing down at you from every direction.

Vieira brings together various drum patterns and distorted samples that wreak havoc on your inner consciousness. Just when you think it’s all over, he drops back in real quick for a breakdown that will send shivers down your spine. We can’t help but hear the similarities between Bassnectar x Digital Ethos‘ ‘Slather and this mind defusing tune. This track is certifiably crazy and will have you in a different state of mind by the time it’s all over.

Stream the single below to join in the mayhem. Be sure to keep in tuned into Vieira’s socials for the latest news regarding new releases. It’s only just the beginning for this extremely talented young artist. Everyone here at Electric Hawk, can’t wait to see where he takes his sound next.

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