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Whatever you find yourself up to on this lovely New Music Friday, I highly encourage you to take a listen to the latest single from blossoming producer, Saturna. “Leaving,” out now via Sacred Hive Records, will wisp you away to a place you could only ever dream of.

Saturna Leaving EH
Saturna by Jenna Cook (@jxexnxnxa)

After “Leaving” this page, you will be an expert on Saturna.

Dez Baker, better known as Saturna, was raised by the depths of the ocean and the sways of the trees in breathtaking Victoria, Canada. The up-and-coming organic experimental bass creator brings those ebbs and flows of nature into his music. We’re getting CharlestheFirst, Dreamers Delight, CloZee vibes. But of course, Saturna stays authentic to his own flair!

Saturna also is the co-founder of British Columbia based collective Wildlife Division – a group of artists who strive to contribute to the electronic landscape. Basically, you want to stay in the know about this guy and all he has ahead of him!

Fall in love with the sounds of Saturna’s “Leaving.”

Upon pressing play, we are immersed in nature-infused bliss. Birds chirp as a melodic temper builds and listeners feel the weight of this unreal track. The mystical canvas allows for a listening experience uniquely your own. Whatever feelings arise, whether they are of hope, warmth, or leaving, there is no denying the beauty of Saturna’s work.

Luckily for us, “Leaving” is just one of many new releases we will be hearing from Saturna. He has an upcoming EP set to shock airwaves on November 26th, via Sacred Hive Records! This is one you definitely will not want to look past.

Stream “Leaving” from Saturna below and gear up for his full EP later this month.

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