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Fire Lights Music and Arts Festival is back with the heat for 2022. Taking place in Edinboro, PA on August 12-14, Fire Lights is a fully immersive festival experience including three days of camping, workshops, LED and fire performers, several stages, and Hennessey Sound. Fire Lights is also featuring LunoSol, an eccentric woman-led art installation. Not to mention the lineup – full of both the familiar and the underground. Prep with this official hype video, and with our help, below!

We have compiled ten FIRE songs from ten FIRE artists on the Fire Lights Festival lineup, just for you!

1. Hot Chicken – Champagne Drip

2. Burn It Down – Aqueous

3. Under the Sun – Ahee, Ruby Chase

4. Light Up – NotLö

5. Smoke ’em Out – Ternion Sound

6. Living Hell – BroMosapien, Makak

7. Databurn – Mahsiv

8. Scorcher – Sully

9. Bustin’ Heat – Duffrey

10. Steady Blazin’ – MarshedBass

We are so excited for Fire Lights Music and Arts Festival 2022. And did we mention it’s a fundraiser? Fire Lights functions as a non-profit fundraiser and gives 100% of its proceeds to the Edinboro Fire Department.

So, on top of being an incredible experience and having a fantastic lineup – it’s also doing good for the community. From bass, to jam, to projection mapping, to the annual bonfire, and this – there is something for everyone! What more can you ask for?? You can grab tickets, here.

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