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Finally, the anticipated duo juuku and Farrah release their collaboration together “Heart Strings” released Thursday, March 17th.  Together, the two team up to create their latest emotionally charged single that brings a euphoric journey. Both of them showcase their distinct styles in “Heart Strings” unveiling all the bottled-up feelings. Surely, we are in for a roller-coaster adventure coming from juuku and Farrah.

heart strings artwork
Artwork by: cvltluna

Heart Strings’ is the brainchild of what an emotional, nostalgic, and a beautiful soundscape of controlled chaos would sound like. When I close my eyes, I envision being at a beach with a loved one during a sunset and all the bottled up feelings are released without strings attached. Juuku and Farrah’s euphoric and hard hitting styles capture what that being in love may sound like.

juuku x Farrah

A journey into enchanting environment juuku and Farrah created

Immediately we start to fantasize about the imagery around us. Our rooms dissolve into the enchanting soundscapes that juuku and Farrah have developed as “Heart Strings” plays. Through the subtle humming and chirping in the background, we slowly begin to feel the warmth of the rays touch our skin as we watch the environment dance around us. Then a sudden shift begins to commence as our surroundings rattle. As the drums and harmonies begin to intensify, guiding us to the next stop of our journey. Naturally, transitioning us into the resonant, metallic drop with shimmering synths and fluttering kicks. Simultaneously while the environment collapses and our reality becomes chaotic. Until we are brought back into our mythical escape. As we stand mesmerizing the stillness, the aura circling us glimmers. And then we are led into beautiful disarray of melodies that enthrall us and allow our bodies to express itself.

Nevertheless, the duo has created a timeless tune that evokes a sense of euphoria. To illustrate a dreamy escape for anyone that decides to listen to “Heart Strings” to be removed from reality. In short, “Heart Strings” becomes that track that brings the tingles throughout your body and urges you to share with someone special, saying, “the emotions in this song is how I feel about you.” Both juuku and Farrah stand to surpass any expectations there were with what a collaboration from them would sound like. While also allowing all of us to crave more from juuku and Farrah, to see the endless possibilities that can come from both of their creative minds. The track will linger in all our minds as we pursue the moments we want to dream for a while.

Left: juuku | Right: Farrah

Continue to have your “heart strings” pulled below!

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