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In a divine coincidence, eyezic and M.E. SWANK met, and out of the collision comes the future-bass anthem, “Run.” With their combined talent and a heavenly vocal contribution from Skye, this track has the captivating energy to woo the crowd and flood your brain with jubilant thoughts. Out now on Elysian Records.

eyezic M.E. SWANK
M.E. Swank (left) and eyezic

The collaboration and eventual creation of “Run” could almost be categorized as destiny. During a break from producing, eyezic decided to stop by M.E. SWANK’s Twitch channel to say hello. After showing eyesic the project he was working on, SWANK agreed to send the stems and they got to work. Revisions were made and they put the time in to make this track great. But it wasn’t until Skye added her enchanting vocals that “Run” took its name, and a break from production turned into a track that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

The track begins in an infinite atmosphere filled with echoing voices and fanciful keys. As a four-on-the-floor percussion pattern enters the soundscape, tension builds with an infectious rhythm. Then, with Skye’s guidance, the beat drops and releases the pressure. Emotive and experimental sound design envelopes you in an intoxicating warmth with addictive cadence. As the track progresses and fades in and out of ambiance, your excitement grows along with it. And when the final drop hits, you’re left in musical ecstasy.

Listen to “Run” by eyezic and M.E. SWANK below, and support your favorite creatives:

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