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Hot off the heels of two beautiful melodic tunes, eyezic releases a new, bass-heavy remix of Jeanie’s “Wobble“. The original is a nicely paced bass tune that pleases the inner bass head. eyezic turns the original “Wobble” into a groovy, wonky, bass-filled remix. And this remix feels special because it’s the first time we’re hearing a heavier side of eyezic’s production.

And man oh man, what a first for eyezic.

This Jeanie remix is absolute filth– in a good way. The original had a focus on those video-game-like synths in the drops. eyezic speeds them up and sprinkles in some new elements to beef it up. And after listening to this buzzy boi, my brain turned to mush– again, in a good way. The drop? Orgasmic. The basslines? Thicc. The claps? Juicy. But if I had to summarize all of my thoughts into 6 words I would say “This song makes my head wobble.”

Is eyezic pronounced I-Sac or I-Zik?

eyezic has been stacking up the releases recently. If you love melodic tunes I would recommend listening to his collab with M.E Swank, ‘Run’ on Elysian Records, or ‘More Than You Know’ on Jadū Dala. But I would be on the lookout for heavier tunes from eyezic. If this song tells us something, he’s got something special for us bass heads.

Listen to eyezic’s rendition of Jeanie’s “Wobble” below:

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