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If you want to go on a dark Bass, synth-infused journey, Beyond The Grave the latest EP from Eclectic Imprint will take you for quite a ride. Eclectic Imprint, or “Soundcloud’s Best Kept Secret,” continues to deliver on that promise through their Beyond the Grave EP, which serves as a great reflection of the innovation coming out of the bass scene in 2019 and beyond.

The single, “Visnopix“, a robust collab track from Viskus and Cnopes dropped on November 6th, giving us a small preview of the more robust EP. It brings all the low-toned adlibs you love from trap to bass. It blends seamlessly into a brain-melting masterpiece that serves as a perfect prelude to the rest of the mind-bending album.

When you delve deeper into the remainder of the project, you see just how much versatility it has.

The 12-track compilation album released on November 11th has a perfect range of

halftime freeform Bass to speaker-knocking Trap, and features up-and-coming artists from around the world, including Rest in Pierce, jordnmoody, and anti.

Eclectic Imprint

Trap fiends can get their fix from the following tracks, all reminiscent of the Trap bangers of the glory days:

  • 10K – “Recoil
  • jordnmoody – “All I Need”
  • Hot Mess – “Denial”
  • anti. – “Walker”

Hardcore bass lovers can also find headbanging beats on:

  • GFT – “Cult”
  • Akame – “Make it Pop”
  • Slowpalace – “Chlorine Thoughts”
  • and the opening track, Rest In Pierce – “Maple St.”

In addition, a number of tracks lie at the intersection of Bass and Trap, blending the heavy 808s with experimental synths that sound like they’re straight from space:

  • Devante – “Stiffy”
  • Barely Great x Lederrick – “Falling”
  • We Rose – “LA Kids” 

If you are looking for high energy tracks with galactic sounds, trap beats, and heavy bass, this is the EP for you.

Listen to Eclectic Imprint’s Beyond the Grave below!

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