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Sonic innovator Gladkill has released “The Right Way,” the third and final single off of his forthcoming album Ossuary. An emotionally-driven track that is sure to take the listener on a personal journey, and we at Electric Hawk have the exclusive first listen.

Due for release on May 18, Ossuary is Gladkill’s most anticipated project to date. Conceived after the passing of his father in late 2017, the album gains its namesake from the Latin word for the final resting place of human remains. As the album neared completion in 2018, the project file was corrupted past the point of salvaging. Devastated and disheartened, Gladkill stepped away from the project until 2019, when he decided to re-create the tracks one by one. After nearly three years of painstaking work, Ossuary is complete and ready to be heard by the world.

I wanted to write tracks with recognizable and unforgettable melodies – if I were to sit down at a piano or pick up a guitar and play a phrase, you would know exactly which song I was playing.


A melodic masterpiece, “The Right Way,” stuns from start to finish. Elysian vocals complement the lush and earthy soundscapes, while the brooding bassline gives depth. Cohesively fitting right beside the last two singles off the album, we are ecstatic to see what the full-length project has in store for our ears and hearts.

Get your exclusive first listen of Gladkill ‘s “The Right Way” in right here.

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