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Nearing the one year anniversary of their first livestream, CouchFest has announced the 2021 edition of this event! And this time, they’re going all out an entire week‘s worth of music, VJs, label takeovers, and giveaways – starting March 22nd through the 28th.

When the pandemic first hit in March of last year, CouchFest was the first to offer financial support through streaming donations.

While we grieved for the loss of live music, we set out to create an experience that simulated what we would experience if we were at a live show. We pioneered the donation-focused format that was adopted by many streamers in the scene and gave artists the ability to receive tips.”

Brittany Heit, CouchFam co-founder and organizer of CouchFest

This time around, as they ready for round two of it, CouchFest has tweaked their virtual festival to match the current environment.

Understanding that many people in the community may be experiencing unemployment and tip fatigue, CouchFest has rolled out a new model.

Now, CouchFest will be raising funds through sponsor-provided raffles and giveaways. With only a $20 suggested donation for a lineup worth much more, the grand prize will be a $600 bundle from SUBPAC. While viewers will still be able to tune in for free, it is heavily encouraged to donate to help keep creatives afloat during hard times. They will also be shifting to a subscriber only Twitch chat, so skip the Starbucks this week and subscribe for the reasonable price of $5.99.

Although they haven’t revealed the full lineup for this year’s CouchFest yet, 2020 featured artists among the likes of Ternion Sound, VCTRE, and a Deep, Dark, and Dangerous takeover. To put things into perspective, we can’t wait to see what they have planned for this one.

Last year, CouchFest managed to raise over $10,000 to support artists, so let’s make sure to show up next month and top that goal!

Interested in sponsoring CouchFest? Contact them below!


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