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UK-based bass music production powerhouse, Conrank, returns with a brand new compilation of high-energy tracks to fuel our playlists, the Rave Day EP. This body of work embodies its name, featuring heavy hitters Ravenscoon, Tape B, Bawldy, and DePaoli. With Conrank‘s masterful discography and eclectic sound, we know we’re in for a treat.

Releasing on the legendary Circus Records label, Conrank has been the name behind so many of our wildest, wubbiest, dubstep favorites. He began his musical journey as a touring beatboxer. Soon after, his vision shifted towards music production, combining his love of legendary dubstep sounds and drum and bass to create the unique sound we all know and love today.

Let’s dig into the Rave Day EP!

Imagine this: your festival fit looks fly, your power bank is fully charged, and your friends are on their way to the pregame. It’s Rave Day. As they filter through the door, Conrank and Ravenscoon’s first track “Embrace” blasts through the speakers. The beat builds to compliment the powerful vocals before exploding into a heavy, halftime drop. Complementary synths flourish in the background. And then, the bass line drives the energy up before the second drop, setting the stage for a fun-packed night.

Up next on your playlist is “Neon Shades,” a joint project between Conrank and the legendary Tape B. The wild and wobbly bassline wastes no time filling up the sonic space. The scratchy frequencies and echoing high-pitched vocals are immediately juxtaposed by a breakdown led by piano chord melodies. We’re given just enough time to catch our breath before the second drop. But we’re thrown back into the heat of the moment, gifted with a chaotic scene of unruly sound waves.

“Drop Knees Pray” takes us even deeper than before.

Bawldy and Conrank turn up the energy a notch with “Drop Knees Pray.” Spiraling through a murky beat, this grimey bass tune holds enough power to blow out speakers and leave you stunned. Bawldy and Conrank’s bass-filled concoction will leave any headbanger with a proper case of whiplash well before its second drop.

Last up on the EP is Conrank and DePaoli’s massive tune, “Jump.” Starting off with clear and heavy drums, all-encompassing vocals lead us into a heavy bass breakdown. “Jump” leaves us with the juice we need to enjoy our rave day, and it is a powerful end to an energy-packed EP.

Stream the Rave Day EP below, and be sure to share it with your friends!

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