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Modern expressionism harmoniously clashes with old school sounds on the latest work from galdive. If you aren’t familiar with this duo from Indonesia, there is no better time than now to get accustom to. Osvaldo and Tanisha are a young pair who are making innovative yet nostalgic music by marrying their love for R&B, jazz & classical sounds. Having already seen massive success through previous releases, “Cloud& 5AM“, “Nescience”, feels like the appropriate next chapter for the duet.

We are immediately drawn into the soothing, silky vocals of Tanisha who carries us over this dazzling track. It feels like we are instantly thrown into a Manhattan dive bar in the late 50’s. The swanky tunes play over the speaker while the cabaret singers are set to begin an elegant evening. All backed by the sound of soothing keys washing over you. Tanisha perches herself up upon the piano and slowly whisks us into her enchantment.

“It’s a story of complicated relationships. The line “Help me to help you out” describes people caught up in the sadness of their own world. Yearning to be understood, but not knowing how to communicate it.”

Nescience, a fancy word for lacking awareness, couldn’t be more appropriate. The song begins on a message that feels all too familiar, “Time is chasing down my disguise, of playing to know it all when what’s real is I know none”. As Tanisha’s voice provides an introspective feeling over the track, her message begins to seep out of the song, grab our hand, and asks us to question our own relationships.

While it has been conditioned to play it cool, human connection can only be birthed from sharing our deeper truths and selves.

Why is it so hard to convey these feelings, especially to those we care most about. And our habits of burying ourselves only perpetuate a bottomless pattern of distance from others. Osvaldo sets the tempo here with luscious piano keys that’ll have you in a gaze. As the keys create a twinkling bridge for Tanisha to shine on, the track burst into a drop of inner reflection. 

Pulling in various vocal chops from Tanisha including a notable line that repeatedly beckons “how I am supposed to know”. Osvaldo is able to create an immaculate feeling of everything rushing down upon you with those signature warm and fuzzy future bass synths. It’s not overwhelming however, it’s more of a gentle wake up call or reminder. It can be uncomfortable, but it’s worthwhile to be vulnerable, especially with those we love and who love us back.

We can’t say enough about this artwork and the outstanding job of artist, Tisha, who captures feelings of isolation and longing so brilliantly in this cover art. The whole thing ties together so brilliantly with the track. We are certainly looking forward to hearing more ethereal tracks from this stunning duo. As galdive hopes to provide a little clarity during these times of self-isolation.

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