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If you are anything like us, you will drop everything to catch a livestream these days. We don’t blame you; livestreams have quite literally kept us going during quarantine! We always keep an eye out for the next stacked lineup to share with you, and Item 9 Labs’ C[LOUD]9 livestream is one you will not want to miss.

What is Item 9 Labs?

If you are unfamiliar with Item 9 Labs, they are a forward-thinking cannabis company based in Arizona; their slogan “IN GOOD TIMES AND GOOD HEALTH,” says it all. Item 9 prioritizes their community and providing transparency in the quality of their products.

In their good nature, Item 9 Labs has decided to give back with the C[LOUD]9 livestream. This livestream will not only feature some dope artists, but will be the finale to an incredible artist relief fundraiser the company is doing. Item 9 is offering $500 to two artists, of any form, who have been struggling due to Covid-19, AND a spot on the livestream lineup. Artists can apply for the C[LOUD]9 Artist Relief Fund by filling out this form! If this selfless act from the company isn’t enough, they will also be raising money for the charity Operation Underground Railroad, which works toward the eradication of child sex trafficking!

Get to know the C[LOUD]9 livestream lineup.

Item 9 Labs’ C[LOUD]9 livestream will air via their Twitch on September 9th at 4:20PM MST. Electronic music fans will be in the clouds with this lineup. If you love up and comers be sure to catch SAVA.—an Arizona local making her debut, TriLLwax—who has opened for G Jones and Bleep Bloop, DJ Battleship—a Utah native who incorporates scratching into his sets, Labs—an experimental producer who recently launched a label with Smoakland, and TRIPZY LEARY, an extraterrestrial bass producer with releases on WAKAAN. Headlining it all will be kLL sMTH, a Denver based producer who has been blowing up! He dabbles in everything from bass, to downtempo, to DnB.

Item 9 Labs

We are beyond stoked to tune into Item 9 Labs’ C[LOUD]9 livestream and fundraiser next week. Their commitment to helping various communities is crystal clear and you cannot go wrong with that! Check out Item 9 Labs’ Instagram for more info on their brand and C[LOUD]9.

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