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Bleep Bloop premieres a hot new track “Out Here” featuring Gary Paintin. A special early listen is now available, here, through Electric Hawk! The new tune is just one of eight great tracks on his upcoming release One Liners. If Gary’s voice sounds familiar, you may know him from the classic Bleep Bloop track “K-9 Unit.” The new collab contains creative movement and intriguing textures. Simply, “Out Here” is the type of track that makes you want to crank up the volume in the car or get down with the homies.

As his first project released with Dome of Doom, this was destined to be quite the Leviathan. He delivered. The EP provides a whopping 8 tracks for you to bump. Bleep Bloop recently finished a stint in which he had experimented with abstract rhythms and modular synthesizer racks. With this new release, he continues his never-ending progression as an artist.

bleep bloop out here

Taking his ideas and past experiences with music and putting a whole new twist on the way to make a bass music tune, Bleep Bloop stuns us with his innate creative ability. This new EP showcases a range of clever rhythms along with heavy basses, impressive synths, and some choice vocals that have you hanging on every word.

Bleep Bloop also opened up about One Liners and the harsh realities of the world.

Speaking about the EP, he commented:

One Liners did end up reflecting a lot of things about my life and also the world. Everything right now is very chaotic. No one knows what the future holds, and the narrative is totally broken and f*cked. So I guess it makes sense that I amassed a bunch of music that’s kind of broken and fragmented but still clinging to itself and staying whole, since that’s what we are all doing right now.

Bleep Bloop

The EP, truly, reflects this statement. A phenomenal piece of work… just what we have come to expect from Bleep Bloop.

Listen to “Out Here” featuring Gary Paintin EXCLUSIVELY with Electric Hawk:

And pre-order the whole EP here!

Today (July 3), Bandcamp is waiving its share of revenue and giving all proceeds to artists and labels. Support Bleep Bloop and all your favorite artists!

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