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Proceed with caution; this track will make your brain as smooth as possible. “Query” is the newest release from Biral, as part of our The Nest series, which showcases new underground talent every week.

Biral is an up and coming underground artist with a sound that is Funktion-one system-ready. A quick listen through his Soundcloud confirms that we need to be paying a little bit more attention to what Biral is laying down.

After one listen to “Query,” you might experience some confusion, loss of words, disorientation, and in some cases, a loss of interest in all other music. From start to finish, the track is full of so many twists, turns, glitches, and scratches that hit you in all the right areas. The build sounds like someone frantically typing on their keyboard. My only guess is their googling “how is this legal?” Biral keeps every sound a secret with switch-ups throughout, leaving his next move just as unpredictable as his last. Finally, at 2:15, he gives us one last forehead kiss before he leaves us to figure out what just happened to us—dropping the frequencies as low as our jaws.

Check out what the hype is all about and stream “Query” now!

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