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Industry favorite, Buku, has finally unleashed Scorched Earth on us and it is hot, hot, HOT. Marking his first release of the new year, this EP is begging us to let it to set a proper sound-system ablaze soon.

The Pittsburgh native has been making a name for himself through the creation of otherworldly and genre-bending bass music for almost a decade. His 2013 debut EP Janky caught the attention of industry heavyweight Diplo, kickstarting his career as well as catapulting him into the public eye. Buku recently teamed up with prestigious bass label Wakaan to release What You See a 3 track EP filled with heavy-hitting bass lines in addition to his signature metamorphic sound design.

Scorched Earth is packing so much heat that it should come with a warning.

Scorched Earth is a smoldering 3 part audial trip through the multi-verse. Lead single “I Don’t Think So” starts the EP off strong, laden with ominous vocals and blasting synths. The less sinister “Out Of My Hands” follows with a swirling bassline while the wall-shaking “Death Rattle” finishes off as an explosive last leg of journey.

“Crafted during a time of uncertainty, the state of the world was beyond my control and out of my hands. I felt my music reflecting these internal feelings. Digging deep into a grinding, heavily modular sonic landscape, this body of work emits a roaring desire to return to a world that we once knew.”


This is not an EP to miss out on; you can stream it here:

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