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After the release of his Scorched Earth EP 4 months ago, we have been on our hands and knees begging to hear more from Buku. The b2b he did with Minnesota at Forbidden Kingdom blew the entire crowd away so the announcement of him joining Peekaboo’s tour is no surprise. With this new release “Right Here” on Wakaan, Buku has momentarily satisfied our cravings.

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The trance-like beat underlying the whole song is the perfect background buffer for the bass; like an image jumping out of the page it is printed on. That eerie echo that seems to find its way into all of Buku’s songs is here. He’s given it his signature sound effortlessly. The second drop meshes all the individual elements of the song up to that point in such a phenomenal way that you can’t help but at least bob your head. The layers of sound make this song viable for any type of dancing you can think of.

Listen to “Right Here” by Buku below!

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