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Stop what you’re doing. Put on your best dancing pants. And play “Do For Me” by Muzzy Bearr on repeat. We guarantee it will place a smile on your face and some groove in your move.

Muzzy Bearr took our hands, looked us deep in the eyes, and blessed us with this serotonin explosion.

Some may say that “disco is back” but we say it never left, baby. After a hiatus from releasing music, Dan Hacker, AKA Muzzy Bearr, is in the midst of one funky return.

Multi-instrumentalist Muzzy Bearr has spent the last few years considering his art and identity. Fans of Muzzy haven’t seen an official solo release since 2015 album Vintage Sutra. But Muzzy sprung back to the scene this year, first releasing “More and More” on Electric Hawk’s In Unity compilation.

Muzzy Bearr told us more about his connection with disco and the intersection of his identity and his art:

I have found that one of the best things for my mental has been to embrace the insanity, and channel it into something positive. For me, Disco & House music have always been styles of music that just make me happy. It’s easy to let the problems of the world fall away when you’re getting lost in creating something so uplifting and truly fun to make.

Growing up in Detroit, the home of techno + Motown, and having embraced my identity in queerness over the past few years; it just feels like I can really embrace my most genuine self when I’m making the music made popular by the intersection of those communities. Disco Music is forever, House Music is forever, Detroit Music is forever.

Dan Hacker, AKA Muzzy Bearr
muzzy bearr
Muzzy Bearr looking cute

Disco isn’t just a genre, it’s a culture – one that transcends dividing lines and welcomes anyone who wants to dance, let go, and feel good. While some may say Muzzy has set a lofty goal of “making music you can vibe to,” we think he’s already done it.

We can’t wait to hear more of what Muzzy Bearr has been creating for us.

In the meantime, we will dance to “Do For Me” and we think you should too.

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